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Wii friends, Mii parade. I'm lame, I know.
Heroes : Hay Gaiz...? [Sylar]
mars_of_war wrote in friendcodes
My Wii Code is 6990 2170 2716 9230. Get your own WiiBadge at!

The wii is shared by myself and lightningrapier. We have Brawl but don't really play it much anymore (online mode makes me rage because it just...never connects) but I play Tetris Party a lot. I'm mostly just looking to have some Miis in our Mii Parade, I guess. Silly, but I think seeing other people's Miis is kind of awesome. I go through long phases where I don't use the wii, so if you've sent me a msg and I haven't responded, try PMing my journal, I guess?


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