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left of centre
prongsie79 wrote in friendcodes
Friend Code: 4511-5048-2459
Town Name: Hogsmead
Name: Tasha
Native Fruit: Apples
Shop: Nook n Go

I'm a relative newbie to the game (couple of weeks) so I'm still trying to build my town up.

Gates will be open from around 6-30pm UK time (somewhere around 1-30pm to 4-30pm US time I think)


- don't cut down trees or pick flowers.
- please don't take all of the fruit.
- if you dig up fossils please leave them outside the museum.
- feel free to leave messages, send letters, talk to animals, fish, shop, change clothing etc.
- if you dig holes please fill them again.

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i've added you :)
name: Cerys
town: Twilight
fc: 0302 3929 8467

I'll add you back next time I'm playing

I'd like to visit you're town!

Town: Tampa
Character Name: Patty
FC: 5070-3104-3856

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