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hey yall
made by now_all_is_well !! my fave ontd'
combunitychest wrote in friendcodes
hi everyone. Me and my roomate just recieved animal crossing city folk for the wii and wild woods for the ds as a christmas present from my parents who live in florida 3000+ miles away (my mom is cute and wanted to be like on the commercial with wii speak and play WITH us) ok TMI sorry about that

We're looking for friends to play with!

on the ds our names are

Boq 008766553051
Galinda 253579707156

and the town is Oz

our town has PEARS as the fruit

and on the Wii our town is also called Oz but has Cherries as the fruit.

and our names are Edithba and Gaklos 348067285463 and 502685861057 respectively.

I've allready added probably 4 of the friend codes i saw here on my wii character but my roomie hasnt added anyone yet if you add any of our codes could you comment with your name/town/code ina reply to this post??

also since i'm new gamer and pretty much suck... any cool tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated :) yall have a wonderful day!!

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I'll add you :D My town needs pears

we have pears on the ds wild woods game not the city folk on wii. what do i do with the ip address??


I added you to my friends, hope you don't mind

Friend Code: 4511-5048-2459
Town Name: Hogsmead
Name: Tasha
Native Fruit: Apples

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